There is not much going around on Destruction Simulator Wiki. So I am going to start a weekly blog post every Wednesday.

What do I post? Well I am going to post random and relatable stuff I do.

I think this is the good time to reintroduce myself.

This is Marsium. I'm a gamer. I always love playing video games everyday. I like listening to music, and creating images. Yeah, I photograph, illustrate, and photoshop. I also know HTML and CSS. I read a lot of wikis way before I created my account. I read them for gamimg purposes. Most of my time, I read every page on the wiki. I created my FANDOM account months ago. I created it so I can help them with anything. Update the outdated, revert vandalism, and help other users.

It is not much a good start, but I will do fun thing to do at my weekly blog. See you around!

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