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  • Marsium

    Blog 7: Last blog

    October 22, 2018 by Marsium

    This is the last blog of the weekly blog. I can not keep up things that I am doing. I am still being active around.

    I wonder if silky_dev is going to update Destruction Simulator. What do you think its going to be added?

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  • Marsium

    Blog time!

    Recently, I am started to play with my PlayStation Portable (PSP-2001 model). Ahh... good times. But sometime it is frustrating to use for two reasons. One, there is no battery inside because one battery do not work and the another but bulkier battery is damaged. Two, the charger is dented and does not fit that most of the time it disconnect the only power source that cause my PSP to turn off instantly because there is no battery.

    Do you have some old device too? Tell me.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 5: Challenge

    October 6, 2018 by Marsium

    Fifth blog is here! Thanksgiving Day (Canada) is coming up in 2 days. I hope you are giving thanks away in Canada. Also there is no school on Monday due to that day, so I might be active all day.

    Here is a challenge for you. You try to destroy much as you can with Flamethrower and Science Experiment only. Your goal is to get 10000 bricks in your backpack. Simple. Comment your recored time here below.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 4: Here it is

    September 29, 2018 by Marsium

    Heyllo! How is  going? Fine? Good!

    Here, the blog, can entertain you. Make a blog about yourself. So I am not the only one who post blogs. Make sure it is good. I might comment your blog.

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  • Marsium


    You know that I may be not active much during weekdays. The obvious answer is school. I will be only active on morning and night (on my time zone). Between there are school and study. Anyway, it is weekend and I will be active all-day. Yay! I am still creating cool gif. (That what I wanted to called them.)

    I created my own Discord server called Free Islands. You can just do anything you want! I may be there! Join with this link:

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