Destruction Simulator Wiki has rules to remain better for community, and content of pages. All users must understand and follow these rules, including you. Breaking a rule may result as a warning. Breaking multiple or same rules will result a time-out or permanent ban by the staff.

Wikia Rules

  1. Never vandalize.
  2. All content must be appropriate for ROBLOX.
  3. Do not spam, harass, bully, profanity, ect. or post anything inappropriate.
  4. No off-site links that leads to unsafe site or virus containing site. There are no such site to get free Robux.
  5. Some people who use the wiki may be children so don't use bad language or say something offensive, you never know who is receiving the comment.
  6. Do not misuse articles or templates. Please use the correct one.
  7. Don't create a page, image, or account with an inappropriate name or content.
  8. No advertisement or on comments, blogs, or discussions for user gains like subscribe at Youtube, follow at Twitter, ect.
  9. Always follow what the staff says and only disagree in a polite way, there is someone who's going to read the comment, so don't be mean.
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