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Rockets are one of the main items used in Destruction Simulator. They can be obtained at the Shop using coins.

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List of Rockets
Name Reload Explosion Cost
Starter Launcher 5s x5 Free
Basic Launcher 4s x10 40
Spy Shooters 5s x20 150
Standard Launcher 3s x25 750
Upgraded Launcher 4s x75 1,500
Flamethrower 1s x25 3,500
Advanced Flamethrower 1s x30 7,500
Bee Shooter 5s x200 15,000
Chicken Cannon 3s x150 40,000
Shark Launcher 3s x250 65,000
Anchor Cannon 4s x400 90,000
Pirate Cannon 6s x750 150,000
Tactical Cannon 5s x1,000 275,000
Advanced Cannon 4s x1,250 400,000
Tactical Bow 2s x750 650,000
Modern Launcher 3s x1,500 1,000,000
Advanced Launcher 2s x2,000 1,450,000
Laser Bow 2s x1,750 2,200,000
Laser Blaster 4s x3,500 4,000,000
Laser Shooter 3s x4,000 5,750,000
Laser Cannon 5s x7,500 10,000,000
Extreme Launcher 6s x10,000 20,000,000
Futuristic Launcher 5s x15,000 35,000,000
Classic Launcher 4s 17,500 x50,000,000
Gold Launcher 4s x20,000 100,000,000
Rocket Minigun 0.3s x2,000 800 R$
Rainbow Blaster 3s x25,000 1,000 R$
Nuclear Launcher 4s x30,000 1,400 R$
Laser Sniper 5s x50,000 1,800 R$
Black Hole Launcher 6s x100,000 5,000 R$