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Coins is the currency used in Destruction Simulator to buy all of the items, such as BombsBackpacks, and Rockets. Coins have been used since the game was released, and there is currently no other in-game currencies.

How To Obtain

There is currently only two ways to earn Coins in Destruction Simulator. And one of them is, of course, destroying structures and then selling the amount of stuff in your bag. One thing in your bag will sell as one coin unless you have the VIP + x2 Coins Gamepass which will sell as two coins, or if the player is Rank 2 or above. The second way to buy them with Robux, although most people prefer to use the first method to earn coins.

Robux to Coins Purchases
Image Amount of Coins given on purchase Price
Des Sim coin deal 1.png
100,000 Coins 150 Robux
Des Sim coin deal 2.png
1,000,000 Coins 600 Robux
Des Sim coin deal 3.png
5,000,000 Coins 1400 Robux