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Bombs are one of the main explosives used in Destruction Simulator. Just like Rockets and Backpacks, you can buy them at the "Shop" near spawn.

List of Bombs

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Name Explosion Cost
Grenade x10 Free
Dynamite x20 30
Pipe Bomb x25 125
Landmine x50 650
Exploding Spy Pen x75 1,200
Science Experiment x100 3,000
C4 x150 6,500
Fuse Bomb x225 12,000
Candy Bomb x300 30,000
Pie x400 50,000
Cake x500 75,000
Treasure Chest x750 120,000
Evil Robot x1,000 255,000
Remote Explosive x1,500 350,000
Wave Disruptor x2,250 500,000
Radar Shockwave x3,000 750,000
Satellite x4,500 1,250,000
Mini Nuke x7,500 2,000,000
Nuke x10,000 3,500,000
Huge Nuke x15,000 5,000,000
Classic Nuke x20,000 15,000,000
Lucky block bomb ??? 400 R$
Nuclear Reactor x30,000 1,400 R$
Black Hole Bomb x100,000 5,000 R$